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You are in contact with the Marcelo Zager Nursery.


Our work is primarily directed towards the production of species. 
Our matrices are carefully chosen with the aim of obtaining plants that are differentiated in color and technical standard, resulting in plants to suit all tastes. 
You will also become part of our program of Cashback, in which you accumulate points for every real you spend on purchases at our nursery. The points you can use at any time for future purchases.  

How to buy?

1. Through our whattsapp catalog.
There are available seedlings of crosses that have not yet flowered and also cuttings of confirmed plants. For those who like the anticipation of flowering, seedlings from crosses that have not yet flowered are the best way; and also the chance to obtain differentiated plants at a low cost.   

2. Through our whattsapp sales group.
In this group, the priority is always to present the plants that are in bloom. We present videos so that you can analyze the flower and also the entire plant. We usually do at least one sales issue per week in this group. 

If you are looking for a specific plant, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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