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Cashback Program 
"Bought at Zager"

We all love orchids. We are always looking for them.....  but Can you imagine your purchases  turning into points to exchange for more orchids?!?!

Well now that's a reality with thecashback"I BOUGHT IT AT ZAGER". 

I'm going to explain to you.......

How do I earn points ???

1 - Buying from any of the sales channels of the Orquidário Marcelo Zager, be it a catalogue,livesales or even direct contact. For each purchase you will receive 5% of the value in points that can be used in the next purchase. 

2 - Participating in promotions  launched by the nursery generating scores. 

How do I know how many points I have to redeem???

With each purchase you will receive an email showing how many points you have earned and also your total balance. That way, you can manage your score until you decide when to redeem your points. 

How do I redeem the points I have???

You will make the purchase normally, and when making the payment, you must inform your intention to use the points to use them as a discount or even make the full payment if you have enough balance. 

Where can I find available plants???

At the top of this page you will find the button "ORCHID SALE". By clicking on it you will find the necessary guidelines.


it's never been so easyaccomplish your orchidophile dreams!!! 

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