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How to set up a perfect greenhouse?
      In the item "General Care" we address the main needs of orchids.ordamos the main needs of orchids. Setting up an ideal greenhouse means making a place that can give your plants all these conditions. Although the orchid house seems to be a homogeneous environment, it is actually a series of microclimates, in which changing the plant location often means the difference between success and failure in cultivation. 
choosing the place
      Ideally, it should be a flat place to facilitate the installation of tables and benches for orchids.   Also find out about points where there is a high incidence of wind, which must be avoided because it is common for them to cause damage even if the roof is torn off. 
      Also observe the path of the sun during the day. Considering a rectangular greenhouse, ensure that the longest length is arranged in a north-south direction, since the sun, from east to west, will sweep the entire greenhouse during the day. 
     Check if there are big obstacles (walls, trees) that can reduce the time of sun incidence in the orchid house
      As for size, consider that it is possible to place around 10 plants in each square meter.

What material to use for the structure? 
       When thinking about the structure of the greenhouse, it is better to think of durable materials, because it is quite complex to maintain the structure once the plants are accommodated in the greenhouse. In this case, using untreated wood will cause headaches in a few years of cultivation if your greenhouse is not protected from the rain.
        Some images taken from the internet can help us:

     Among all, treated eucalyptus is the most economical, but it will certainly ask for replacement despite its long durability. Cement posts are practical and have an excellent cost/benefit ratio, in addition to being quick to install. I've also seen people who preferred to use PVC pipes filled with cement. But if you have availability, you can study the possibility of installing a structure in galvanized iron, the option most used by producers.
        As for height, think at least three meters at the highest point for good air circulation.

como fazer um orquidário

Orchid coverage 


       The highest priority for your plants is proper coverage dada_dam adequate coverage.   In the "General Care" topic we deal with the subject.

shading screens
      There are several options on the market, including different colors, but for orchids, only the black and reflective ones have been extensively tested and have safe results. When choosing, you will need to opt for the shading percentage. The higher the percentage, the more shade you will have. Most orchids do well with shading between 50 and 70%. We suggest that you consult collectors in your region to assess the most appropriate percentage. 
       In some regions it is necessary to lower the temperature inside the nursery, in this case, one of the options is the use of reflective screens. This type of screen has a silver color that manages to reflect part of the sun's rays, reducing heating in the greenhouse. 

Como fazer um orquidário, portal do orquidófilo
Como fazer um orquidário, portal do orquidófilo
Como fazer um orquidário, portal do orquidófilo

      The slats have already been widely used for growing orchids, one of the first options used by nurseries in the past. The increase in wood, the material used to build the slats, combined with the emergence of technologies for cheaper shading screens, makes it increasingly rare to find them today. Still, the results for cultivation are great. The slats must always be nailed in a north-south direction, so that the sun can pass through the entire area of the orchid house. Nailing the slats east-west will burn your plants. Technically it is easy to calculate % shading. If a 5 cm wide batten is used and a space between them is also 5 cm, then we will have 50% shading.
        It is worth remembering here the charm and beauty that is a slat.


Plastic film
      The plastic film has been used more and more it's just one thing: humidity control.   As we saw in the "General Care" topic, excessive humidity is one of the main causes of disease and death in orchids. So, if you live in a region that has prolonged periods of rain, this is an option to seriously consider. 
There are two types of plastic film that can be used: clear and milky. 
         If you choose the transparent option, you will also need to add a shading screen to avoid burning the orchids. So the advantage of the milky coating is precisely the possibility of not needing a shading screen, even if sometimes a reflective screen is needed to reduce the internal temperature. 

      The durability of the film is around 5 years, and then it needs to be replaced.
Don't use regular plastic ones, those will last less than a year because of the sun. The agricultural film is treated to better resist solar action. 

It is important to note that when using a plastic film covering, the greenhouse needs to be higher (around 4m) so that the plants do not suffer from overheating. 
      Growing orchids in a protected environment is a separate challenge, bearing in mind that all conditions must now be given by the orchidist. Greater study of all cultivation is often necessary for success. 

Como fazer um orquidário, portal do orquidófilo, estufa para orquideas
Como fazer um orquidário, portal do orquidófilo, estufa para orquideas

Accommodating the plants 



Wooden benches
      This is the cheapest way to make the benches in addition to being easy to adapt and assemble. The downside is the durability of the material. Benches must be at least 80cm from the ground. 

Como fazer um orquidário, portal do orquidófilo, bancadas

Countertops at Metal
        Higher cost offset by durability 

Como fazer um orquidário, portal do orquidófilo, bancadas

hanging orchids


      Excellent option; keeps the plants ventilated, being an option that greatly reduces the amount of diseases. The inconvenience is due to reinforcing the structure of the greenhouse to support the weight of the pots.    

Como fazer um orquidário, portal do orquidófilo, bancadas
Como fazer um orquidário, portal do orquidófilo, bancadas

Vertical greenhouse
      Option for small spaces, but don't underestimate the orchids' need for light. If this is an option for you, make sure the lower wall lines are well lit. Another alternative is to place plants that need more light in the highest rows and plants that need more shade in the lowest rows. 
      To make the structure of the vertical greenhouse, just attach a screen to the wall and fix the orchids on it. 

Orchids on Steps


      Another good option to save space and allow the orchids to have good lighting. In addition, the plants are more visible to our eyes, facilitating the management of pests and diseases. .    

Como fazer um orquidário, portal do orquidófilo, bancadas
Como fazer um orquidário, portal do orquidófilo, bancadas

Countertops with cement blocks and canvas


Countertops with asbestos tiles  

Como fazer um orquidário, portal do orquidófilo, bancadas
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